Our team


We work using creative ideas about styling, design and successful property presentations. We do everything with a streetwise, energetic and primarily personal approach, but always with a wealth of knowledge about the Amsterdam property market. Our working methods have led to many successful transactions and the office has formed a successful team of staff members, photographers, copywriters, certified staff performing measurements and other (creative) sole traders. All with the same wealth of knowledge of and skills in the Amsterdam property market. We know the lie of the land locally and which developments are important for a buyer. We know the prices, the leasehold systems, the problems with foundations and the way to the best notary. We know our fellow real estate agents extremely well and know how to close successful deals with a professional and amicable approach. That is why 100% of our clients recommend our service provision!


In the background of the Amsterdam office, the Thoma Post group continues to operate at full power, drawing from a gigantic knowledge of sales, new buildings, architectural expertise and legal aspects, marketing, mortgages and the latest developments in the property market. We are always alert, looking for new trends and leading the way to make this operational. Thanks to this collaboration, the Amsterdam office enjoys the best of two worlds; the excellent knowledge of the Amsterdam market and a huge domestic network of specialists in every area at its disposal.

Above anything else, we remain typically Amsterdam, with an extremely high level of personality and flexibility.


Naturally, we meet the highest quality requirements and are a part of the NVM (Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers) and the MVA (Amsterdam Brokers’ Association). We guarantee professionalism and quality and ensure a prominent position on Funda. We are registered with the Register of Real Estate Appraisers in the Netherlands (NRVT) and are part of the NWWI and the TVI. We are also qualified sales/property stylists from House of Kiki, affiliated with the Central Network for Sales stylists (CNVV).