10 FAQ:

How quickly can you make an appointment with us?

Generally, we can schedule an appointment for you in the short term, often the same or following day. Let us know how quickly you require our services. Spotted a property that you want to make an offer on? Please do not hesitate to call our real estate agents on their mobile phone and we will spring into action!

Can I schedule an appointment for a viewing?

Absolutely. We often work in blocks of time for a viewing when selling a property. We try to bear in mind the wishes of the viewer and the property owner at all times. Should the planned blocks of time not suit you, we will look to find a suitable alternative viewing time for you.

Do you also provide mortgage consultancy?

No, we are real estate agents, not mortgage agents. However, we have an excellent working relationship with De Hypotheker, a reputable independent Dutch mortgage broker. Do you require additional information? Please do not hesitate to call us for their contact details – we will be happy to connect you to one of their experienced consultants.

Is it possible to arrange a viewing during evenings and weekends?

Yes, call us to discuss the possibilities.

What are your rates as buying agent?

That depends on what you expect from us. Do you want us to join you on the second viewing, or all of them? Would you also like the settlement with the notary? A purchase is already possible from € 1000 excl. VAT. Please call for additional information, or schedule an appointment for an acquaintance meeting at the same time.

I have an appointment, but I want to change it.

Call the office to schedule another appointment on +31 (0)20 3053370. Or directly with the real estate agent if you expect to be a little later than agreed. The mobile details of our real estate agencies are in the confirmation mail that you have received or under Our Team tab.

I wish to make an offer.

We process offers if these are made via e-mail. You can mail your offer to amsterdam@thomapost.nl. Do you wish to give an explanation or do you have any other queries? Please do not hesitate to call us or the real estate agent who showed you the property directly.

Can I register with you as a home seeker?

Certainly, then we will keep you informed free of charge of all our latest properties on offer, matching your personal wishes! Simply enter the form on our website under the ‘Buy’ tab. Do you also want to view the offer from our fellow NVM real estate agents? Please call for a meeting and we would be happy to share some options with you.

How can I adjust my personal home seeker profile?

You can do this via your own login code that you have received by e-mail. Then you can adjust your search wishes in MijnNVM. Did you forget your password? Request a new password on MijnNVM using your own e mail. No time to do this? Give us a call, together we can look in your personal search file to see the changes you wish to make. You can then call +(0)31 20 3053370.

Are you really the best real estate agent for me?

Yes, we believe we are! But of course we are subjective. And we are happy to meet you so that we can get to know you personally. Then we would be happy to tell you what we can do for you as a buying or selling agent.