28 May 2018

Moving soon? Follow this handy checklist!

If you want your move to be perfect, a good planning is necessary. With this checklist, you can plan everything, so your moving day runs smoothly. The packing, the hiring of a van, everything to use, from the asking for help from friends to the warning of the neighbours: everything is noted below. The activities are arranged in chronological order. Very handy!

From two months before moving

  • Compare prices of moving firms and/or request quotations
  • Hire a moving company and/or ask friends to help (so they can keep that day free)
  • Rent or buy moving boxes
  • Decide whether you want to take your energy contract or if you want to change to another company. If so, compare energy providers (online)
  • Decide whether you want to take your TV / internet / telephone contract with you or if you want to switch over. If so, compare telecom providers (online)
  • Cancel your old energy contract or report the relocation to the energy supplier
  • Cancel your old TV / internet / telephone contract or report the relocation to the provider
  • Create a list for passing on your address change
  • If necessary, search for a new school and/or nursery for the children
  • If necessary, measure the sizes from the new home
  • If necessary, order carpets and curtains
  • Take day(s) off for the move
  • Start sorting your things: what will and won’t you move?

From a month before moving

  • Give or sell away the things that do not go to the new house
  • If necessary, rent a storage space
  • Buy or rent packing materials and/or tools for the move
  • If Possible, get a new contract for energy and/or telephone, TV and internet
  • Send out your address change (online)
  • Pack items that you do not need: things in the attic and/or garage, books, decorative material, …
  • If necessary, rent a van
  • Inform the neighbours of your old house about the move

From two weeks before the move

  • If necessary, arrange a babysitter for the pets and/or children
  • Check the parking space at your new home. Do you have to keep a spot free for the car or van?
  • If necessary, bring items to the storage location

From a week before moving

  • Pack items that you won’t be using in the coming week
  • Dismantle furniture and, if necessary, wrap it with protective film
  • Write down on the moving boxes for what space in the new house they are intended. Use colour codes for the rooms in your new house
  • Check the electricity, water and gas in your new home
  • If necessary, hang curtains and lay floor covering in new house
  • If Possible, clean in the new house
  • If you are moving to a flat, check if there’s a lift and what the dimensions of the lift are
  • If necessary, rent a hand truck from the transport of the moving boxes

The day before moving

  • It is useful to put the items that you’ll need after the move in one box. Think, for example, of your toilet bag, pyjamas, towels and a few small lamps. Mark this box clearly
  • Buy food and drinks for during the moving day
  • Defrost and clean the refrigerator
  • Disconnect the washing machine and allow the water to drain out
  • Clean as many rooms as possible in the old house
  • If necessary, make a plan for the next day, so everyone will know what to do
  • If necessary, bring the children and/or pet(s) to the babysitter’s address
  • Charge your mobile phone, so that you can be reached during the moving day
  • Go to bed on time

On the moving day itself

  • Inform all your helpers about the course of the day. Indicate in which order the items should be loaded, who should already go to the new house, who stays in the old house, etc.
  • Distribute house keys and exchange telephone numbers, so everyone can reach each other during the move
  • Load the moving van and bring the items to the new home
  • Record the meter readings in the old and new houses
  • Clean the last spaces in the old house
  • Check everything one last time: make sure you don’t forget anything and everything looks neat. Turn off the light, close the windows and lock the doors

After the move day

  • Register with your new municipality within 5 days
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbours
  • Organize a housewarming
  • Check which mail is still arriving on the old address and then report your new address to those companies and/or people
  • If necessary, return the rented moving boxes


Sources: www.moveria.nl and www.bigtmovers.com

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