13 May 2018

Almost summer: the 3 most famous parks of Amsterdam

With summer around the corner, more and more inhabitants of Amsterdam are looking for an outside spot in the sun. And which places are most suitable for this? The parks of course! Here is a short list of the three nicest parks in Amsterdam.


Located in the South, Vondelpark is undeniably Amsterdam’s favourite park. On a beautiful you’ll find many people relaxing on the grass, reading a book or enjoying a picnic with friends.

The area closest to the city centre is usually most crowded, but as you head deeper into the park you’ll find water features, sculptures (even one by Picasso!), the rose garden and many places to relax. If you have kids, you’ll find plenty of playgrounds and open spaces for them to enjoy. There are several cafes located here that serve great food. From June to September the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre puts on free events, such as concerts and shows.

In the 1860s, the wealthy residents of this neighbourhood wanted a peaceful green area to relax so they purchased this park for themselves. 90 years later, in 1953 the park was sold to the city of Amsterdam.

Around 20% of the people that live in this area have kids and 13% are expats.


This park has it all! Green nature space, jogging and cycling paths, places to BBQ and even fountains for the kids to splash in! In the old buildings of the Westergasfabriek you’ll find restaurants, cafes and theatres.

Western park used to be the property of the Westergasfabriek, a coal-fired gas power plant. After its closure in the late ‘60s, the area was neglected for years and became a not-so-nice place to be. In the ‘90s the city of Amsterdam decided to clean up the pollution and make a lovely park on the property. In 2003, the former Westergasfabriek buildings have been refurbished as restaurants, cafes, theatres, festival venues and offices.

Around 20% of the people that live in this area have kids and 36% are expats.


As its name reveals, this park is situated in the Eastern part of Amsterdam, an area that is one of the most culturally diverse in the entire city: something that is reflected in the park’s fun atmosphere. Visitors have many options when they are in Oosterpark; there is a large pond with birds, a children’s paddling pool, dog-friendly areas and food stalls.

Oosterpark was the first big public park created by the municipality of Amsterdam. It has been designed in 1891. The park is laid out around a beautiful lake, giving it an English landscape style.

Around 22% of the people that live in this area have kids and 28% are expats.

Not completely satisfied with our choice of parks? You can also go to Amstelpark, Sarphatipark, Rembrandtpark, Flevopark and the Amsterdamse Bos.


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